2017 Calendar of Events and Meetings

CCBE Legislative Committee
March 3: CSBA Headquarters office, West Sacramento

CCBE Annual Conference Planning Committee 
Feb. 25:  CSBA Headquarters office, West Sacramento

CCBE Board of Directors Meeting 
May 21: Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sacramento 
Sept. 8:  Portola & Spa Hotel, Monterey 
Nov. 30:  Marriott Hotel, San Diego

CCBE General Membership Meeting 
Sept. 9:  Portola & Spa Hotel, Monterey 
Dec. 1:  Marriott Hotel, San Diego

CCBE Annual Conference 
Sept. 8-10:  Portola & Spa Hotel, Monterey

CSBA Delegate Assembly Meeting 
May 20-21:  Hyatt Regency, Sacramento 
Nov. 29-30:  Marriott Hotel, San Diego

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