Apple For Excellence Award

CCBE is proud to have established the Apple for Excellence Award to recognize outstanding programs administered by county offices of education reflecting the depth and breadth of a county education program necessary to address students’ changing needs. This also allows CCBE to express appreciation to the dedicated educators in county offices across the state that strive to provide high-quality education with cutting-edge innovation.

This award is bestowed upon the top program(s) in the County Office of Education category of CSBA’s Golden Bell Awards. Apple for Excellence Awards are presented at the CSBA Golden Bell Awards luncheon event each year in December by the CCBE president. Award winners are selected by the CCBE Awards Committee. Each year, through the CSBA Golden Bell Awards program an announcement is sent to all county offices and districts encouraging them to nominate projects or programs from their county for consideration.

2016 Apple for Excellence Award winners

Madera County Office of Education, Madera County
Life Games

The Madera County Office of Education Life Games is an event that brings together approximately 400 community members and 400 students with the most significant disabilities in Madera County for a day of fine art, performing arts and physical activities. Entertainment is provided by groups who serve persons with disabilities. Participants also receive information about resources available in the community. The Life Games allows every single child to participate in every single activity — significant due to students’ high physical, cognitive and emotional needs. Students interact with first responders in a non-threatening environment, parents spend time with other parents who face similar challenges, community members and general education students experience a positive day learning about these special children and office staff see the impact of their work.

County office leadership: Sara Wilkens, Board President; Cecilia Massetti, Superintendent; Cheryl Mohr, Executive Director, Student Programs and Services; Paige Sanders, Administrator, Special Education Programs; Loner Abbott, President, Brothers of the Third Wheel; Pam Glueck and Sandra Gostanian, Adapted PE Specialists

Riverside County Office of Education, Riverside County
Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory

The Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory was developed for the specific purpose of providing the 23 school districts and county office-operated special education programs access to student-centered summative and formative assessment data to drive teacher collaboration and increase student achievement. For students with significant disabilities, the Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory mirrors the general education best practice of focusing on data-driven instruction. With this program, special educators have — for the first time — the opportunity to assess students in a meaningful way and analyze student data to inform instruction. The Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory program brings out the potential, the dignity, and the achievement for students with significant disabilities.

County office leadership: Wendel Tucker, Board President; Kenneth Young, Superintendent; Diana Walsh-Associate Superintendent; Ann Vessey, Executive Director, Special Education; Denise Chappell, Principal, Special Education; Rebecca Silva and Kate Cahill, Retired Administrators; Mike Barney, Executive Director, Instructional Services

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