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The all new GAMUT is here! GAMUT is an easy-to-use software that offers governance teams a solution to managing their meetings and policies online.

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GAMUT Meetings

GAMUT Policy

Gamut PolicyPlus

CSBA is excited to announce the arrival of a brand-new GAMUT platform. GAMUT Online and Agenda Online have come together into a single cloud-based application that will serve all your governance and management technology needs.   The launch of the new GAMUT platform signals the retirement of CSBA’s Agenda Online, GAMUT Online, and Manual Maintenance services – all of which are being replaced by individual subscription modules on the new platform – GAMUT Meetings, GAMUT Policy, and GAMUT PolicyPlus.

Current subscribers: Click here to log in. View a quick start tutorial.


GAMUT Meetings – Fast, Easy and Effective

As a board member, keeping everyone aligned and up to date can be a significant challenge, particularly when you’re drowning in a pile of papers. GAMUT’s paperless board meeting management software helps streamline meeting preparation and provide easy and secure access to meeting materials. Features include:

  • Multiple Meeting Types – Manage all your meetings types in one, convenient locations
  • Meetings Integration—Align your meetings to your strategic plan and goals
  • Advanced Search – Search meetings and quickly sort by meeting type, date and more.
  • Personal Notes – Create personalized notes on individual agenda items
  • Rolls and Permissions – Streamline meeting preparation and approval through user roles and permissions
  • Meeting Minutes – Create and deliver meeting minutes and record votes
  • Safety and Security – Create public or private meeting and limit item visibility by role

Packed with time-saving features, GAMUT's paperless board meeting management software automates and simplifies routine tasks associated with meeting development and delivery.

GAMUT Policy – Communicate, Collaborate, Share

Board policies and administrative procedures can be hard to keep track of when you’re busy working on strategic initiatives. With GAMUT, you no longer have to send out individual policy updates and hope everyone has the most recent version stored in their own files. Keep your board members, staff and community updated and accountable with online access to the latest policies and administrative procedures, and save the cost and confusion that comes with printing and delivering paper copies. Subscribers have access to the complete CSBA Sample Policy Manual with more than 750 sample policies, regulations, bylaws  and exhibits.  Sample policies are updated five times per year in March, May, July, October, and December.

Features include:

  • Policy Management -- Manage board policies, administrative regulations, procedures and exhibits—all in one place.
  • Public Comments - Post draft policies for public review and provide stakeholders opportunity to comment prior to adoption.
  • Legal References -- Link policies directly to related legal references and empower stakeholders to investigate questions on their own.
  • Policy History -- Keep track of policy updates with easy access to archived versions of policies.
  • Safety and Security -- Restrict access to draft policies with permissions for public or private access.
  • Advanced Search -- Search all of your policies to quickly get to the information you need.
  • And so much more!

Gamut PolicyPlus (Formerly Manual Maintenance)

Host and update district/COE policies online. PolicyPlus includes ongoing policy consulting and gives you the option to edit and post your adopted policies directly or submit drafts to CSBA for review and consultation. Contact us today to add GAMUT PolicyPlus to your subscription.

(IMPORTANT NOTE for Manual Maintenance subscribers: We are working diligently to transition your policies to this new platform. During this transition period, please continue to access your district policies as usual through the old GAMUT Online platform and email your policy updates to A GAMUT specialist will contact you once your district policies have been transferred.)

Subscribe today! For more information regarding pricing, subscriptions, or to request a free demo, please call (800) 266-3382 or email