Board of Directors Toolkit

Members of the CCBE Board of Directors establish the vision, mission and goals for CCBE, and ensure that activities and programs remain focused on those goals and the issues identified in CCBE’s legislative policy platform.

The CCBE Board of Directors have the following roles and responsibilities:

Statewide Leadership

  • Direct positions and policies which are consistent with CCBE’s Legislative Policy Platform
  • Provides advocacy on behalf of children, public education, county boards of education and school districts
  • Serves on Board of Directors and other standing committees, and task forces

Regional and Constituency Leadership

  • Provides two-way communication with local county board members and school districts
  • Supports and participates in CCBE’s and CSBA’s activities and events
  • Supports and participates in county board member training

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Adopts the CCBE budget, bylaws and standing rules and the legislative policy platform subject to review by the membership
  • Receives reports on corporate operations
  • Selects and endorses a candidate for CSBA’s director-at-large, county
  • Acts on behalf of CCBE’s membership between membership meetings


  1. PowerPoint for the Roadshow 

  2. List of Exec Board and contact information/Regional

  3. List of Committees

  4. List of Benefits

  5. How to Run for Executive Board

  6. What does a Delegate/BOD do-duty statement

  7. Leg Action Day

  8. New CCBE Brochure 

  9. Newsletter ArticlesAll news articles can be located in the monthly CSBA SchoolNews magazine online.

  10. The CCBE Membership Directory is updated each spring, and contains contact information for CCBE leadership, CSBA leadership, CCSESA, and county office of education board members, superintendents and staff across the state. Only CCBE members are eligible to receive a copy of the CCBE Directory. Please contact us at to request a digital copy of the current CCBE Directory.  


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