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EdSource: California schools see big jump in number of homeless students ׀ October 20, 2020
California’s escalating cost of living has led to a 48 percent surge in the state’s homeless student population over the past decade, according to new research released by researchers at UCLA. Almost 270,000 students in K-12 schools lacked stable housing in 2018–19, numbers that almost certainly have grown since the pandemic and economic downturn began last spring, researchers said. “We knew the numbers would be up, but we were surprised at the scope and severity of the crisis,” said Joseph Bishop, director of UCLA’s Center for the Transformation of Schools, which compiled the report. “Looking at these numbers was really a ‘wow’ moment.” Read More

The Californian: Why did it take a pandemic for Monterey County to remedy inequities in education? ׀ October 19, 2020
Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, racial disparities in housing, access to nutritious food, income, and internet connectivity have been amplified. According to the COVID-19 Pandemic Disparate Impact report released on Aug. 2020, economic challenges for Monterey County residents and the impacts of COVID-19 are intertwined. 

And distance learning has shed a light on the inequalities of at-home learning environments for many students. Even though school districts scrambled to remedy the problem, it took months for thousands of Latinx students to log into online learning. Combined with learning loss that is common during the summer, many students have gone more than a semester without formal education.  

Of the 78,000 students in Monterey County, at least 8,000 are still without internet, according to Monterey County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Deneen Guss. This is down from more than 10,000 estimated students who lacked internet access in May.