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Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Sonoma County educators, staff expected to get vaccine by early February ׀ January 10, 2021 
County public health officials are working with the Sonoma County Department of Education to develop a course of action to inoculate school staff by early February. Read More

EdSource: Some California teachers and staff to receive COVID-19 vaccines beginning this week ׀ January 11, 2021 
     In an effort to accelerate what has widely been considered a slow rollout of vaccines, California officials urged health care providers last Thursday to complete vaccinating medical workers and to move on to the next phase, which would include child care workers, elementary and secondary school personnel and staff at community colleges, universities and trade schools. That next phase, known as Phase 1B, which still awaits official approval by Gov. Gavin Newsom, also includes emergency services employees, food and agriculture workers and people 75 and older — an additional 8.1 million Californians. The first group prioritized for vaccines are in Phase 1A, to be followed by Phases 1B and 1C.
     Mariposa County is able to move on to vaccinating teachers and others in Phase 1B because it has nearly completed vaccinating medical staff, who are in Phase 1A. Larger counties like Los Angeles are likely to take longer to begin vaccinating school staff because they still have many health care providers to vaccinate. Los Angeles County predicts it will be able to begin Phase 1B in early February.Putting teachers high on the vaccination list is just one of the latest moves by Newsom meant to help California schools reopen as quickly as possible. The governor recently announced the “Safe Schools for All” plan, which focuses on reopening schools to the state’s youngest students as soon as February. Read More

EdSource: Gov. Newsom proposes $4.6 billion for summer school, more learning time in 2021–22 budget ׀ January 11, 2021 
    Confident of a continued economic recovery from COVID recession, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday presented a record $89.2 billion for K-12 schools and community colleges next year that will provide billions in additional revenue and new spending — plus 3 percent more for the University of California and the California State University. The highlight is $4.6 billion for summer school and extra learning time to confront the academic setbacks most students, particularly low-income students and those with limited internet access, have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    The money for extended learning will be available in addition to paying back to schools two-thirds of the $12.5 billion in late payments, called deferrals, that the Legislature adopted to forestall cuts to K-12 and community colleges in the 2020–21 budget. Read More


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