Executive Committee and Staff

Executive Committee

The CCBE Executive Committee is composed CCBE officers (President, President-elect, Vice President, Immediate Past President and Treasurer) and includes the CSBA director-at-large, county. Each of the elected officers shall be a member of a member board.

Being a CCBE officer ideally equates to a four-year commitment served in one-year terms. The term of office of each officer shall be for one year commencing immediately upon the close of the annual meeting held in conjunction with CSBA's Annual Education Conference and Trade Show. The president-elect shall serve for one year and then shall automatically succeed to the office of president of the following year. The term for the treasurer shall be one year and may be re-elected for subsequent terms.

The election for CSBA director-at-large, county is held at the CSBA Delegate Assembly meeting prior to the CSBA Annual Education Conference and Trade Show in odd-numbered years. Member boards have the opportunity to nominate a candidate for CSBA director-at-large, county. CCBE Board of Directors may select one or more candidate(s) from those nominated. The selected member(s) shall be endorsed by CCBE as candidate(s) for CSBA Director-at-Large, County to be elected at the CSBA Delegate Assembly meeting.

The Executive Committee shall transact business and act on behalf of the CCBE Board of Directors between meetings of the Board of Directors and shall report its actions to the Board of Directors.   


2023 CCBE Executive Committee


John McPherson
CCBE President
Monterey COE, Region 9


CCBE President-elect


Elizabeth Esquivel
CCBE Vice President
Yolo COE, Region 6

Joe Ross 

 Rick Shea
CCBE Immediate Past President
San Diego COE, Region 17



Michelle de Werd
CCBE Treasurer
Santa Barbara COE, Region 11


Michael Teasdale

Michael Teasdale
CSBA Director-At-Large, County
Ventura COE, Region 11


CCBE Staff

Samantha Archey

Samantha Archey
CCBE Program Manager


Gina Cuclis

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