Nominating Committee


The Nominating Committee is elected at CCBE’s General Membership Meeting in December each year. The Nominating Committee is made up of seven members representing at least four geographic regions (north, central, south and coast). Six members of the committee are elected at the annual meeting by plurality and one carry-over member is selected by the previous year’s committee to provide continuity. 

The Nominating Committee interviews and nominates candidates for the CCBE offices of Vice President, President-elect, and Treasurer.  The nomination process will open later this spring.  Once it is open, you will be asked to participate in this year's nomination by submitting a nomination and candidate application form or encourage qualified candidates to run for the election of officer positions. The nomination and candidate forms will need to be submitted to CCBE by 5:00pm on Monday. July 31, 2023. 


2023 Nominating Committee
  • James Martinez, chair (Fresno COE)
  • Beverly Gerard (San Mateo COE)
  • Celia Maldonado-Arroyo (Tulare COE)
  • Heather Owen (Monterey COE)
  • Jennifer Kresge (Napa COE)
  • Lucy Hendry (Imperial COE)
  • Mariana Corona Sabeniano (Sacramento COE)
  • Paulette Donnellon (San Diego COE)

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