Nominating Committee


CCBE can be no more effective than its leadership. The Nominating Committee is a special committee that holds the key to a successful CCBE. This committee is charged with seeking and identifying candidates qualified for office who can provide the best possible leadership for CCBE. The Nominating Committee will nominate candidates for the offices of president-elect, vice president and treasurer, subject to procedures provided in the Standing Rules. They are expected to carry out their charge while maintaining confidentiality and impartiality throughout the process. Over the past few years, CCBE has made great strides forward under the guidance of dedicated leaders. It is the intent of the Nominating Committee to put forth nominees that will continue this tradition.  

The committee members are nominated and elected at CCBE’s General Membership Annual Meeting each year. The Nominating Committee is made up of seven members representing at least four geographic regions (north, central, south and coast). Six members of the committee are elected at the annual meeting by plurality and one carry-over member is selected by the previous year’s committee to provide continuity. This year’s carry-over member is Marcy Masumoto, Fresno COE. 

New this year, we are asking county board members who are interested in serving on the 2021 Nominating Committee to complete a nomination form and submit it to CCBE no later than November 16, 2020. 

2021 CCBE Officer Nominations

Following deliberations and according to organizational protocol, the 2020 Nominating Committee nominated to move all candidates forward to a vote from the General Membership on December 4th. Below is the slate of candidates moving forward for election:

Joe Ross, San Mateo COE - for President-elect

Gina Cuclis, Sonoma COE - for Vice President

As provided in CCBE’s Standing Rules, individuals interested in being nominated to run from the floor at the General Membership meeting on Friday, December 4th must submit written notification and a candidate application for their intention to run for vice president or president-elect by October 19th to CCBE President Janet Wohlgemuth. If you have any questions, please contact CCBE Program Manager Charlyn Tuter.

2020 Nominating Committee

Melissa Kinsel, Lake COE (Chair)
Ray Curtis, Riverside COE
Lupe Sanchez, Monterey COE
Marcy Masumoto, Fresno COE
Celia Maldonado-Arroyo, Tulare COE
Amy Sharp, Solano COE
Shelton Yip, Yolo COE

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