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The mission of the CCBE Legislative Committee is to review and take positions on pending legislation and to initiate legislation. All such efforts are guided by the framework set forth in the policy platform. The committee reports to the CCBE Executive Committee, Board of Directors and general membership.

The committee reviews all state and federal legislation that may impact county members and county offices of education and applies the CCBE organizational Policy Platform to help focus the organization’s lobbying efforts on behalf of county boards of education at the state and federal level. The positions taken by the committee become the basis for determining the advocacy efforts of the organization, CCBE’s Leadership and staff. In addition, the Legislative Committee is responsible for conducting the preliminary selection process for CCBE’s Outstanding Legislator Award.

2018 Legislative Committee

The committee is comprised of 10 to 15 members including county board members representing the diverse statewide membership of CCBE, the vice president and immediate past president, and staff from the CSBA Governmental Relations department who assist with legislative bill analysis.

Amy Christianson, Butte COE (Chair)
Doug Boyd, Los Angeles COE
Laura Mancha, San Bernardino COE
Gina Cuclis, Sonoma COE
Bruce Dennis, Riverside COE
Judy Holzapfel, Glenn COE
Jennifer Kresge, Napa COE
Michelle Coleman, Solano COE
Alicia Munoz, San Diego COE
David Patterson, Placer COE
Rosemary Kamei, Santa Clara COE
Heidi Weiland, El Dorado COE

Committee Resources

•    Outstanding Legislator Award
•    2018 Legislative Committee Report and Position on Bills
•    Legislative Committee Processes and Procedures
•    2017 CCBE Policy Platform

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