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County boards of education have specific roles and responsibilities relating to charter schools, including granting or denying charter petitions on appeal (following denial or non-renewal by district governing boards) and granting or denying original charter petitions for countywide charter schools and for charter schools that serve county office of education (COE) pupil populations. Recognizing that the vast majority of our counties (41 of the 58) have at least some level of involvement in charter authorizing, CCBE brought together a task force once again to address the central questions of how county boards, in particular, can better fulfill their responsibilities as charter authorizes and, as a result, produce better outcomes for pupils in charter schools. The task force reviewed a list of 24 issues pertaining to charter schools drawing primarily from the 2011 CCBE Charter Schools Task Force report and have drafted the Blueprint for Better Charter Schools through Better Charter Authorizing report.  

Blueprint for Better Charter Schools Task Force 2016 Report

Charter Schools Task Force 2011 Report

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