Membership to the California County Boards of Education (CCBE) is composed of only member county boards, including those that are both county and district boards. A county board is considered a member board upon commitment of payment in full of the annual CCBE and CSBA dues. CCBE provides its members with resources that help them govern more effectively and productively.

Benefits of Membership

Advocacy efforts

CCBE’s Legislative Committee reviews and takes positions on proposed state and federal legislation that affects county members and county offices of education.

Policy services

CCBE provides members with samples of board policies that have been successfully used by other member boards and which may be adapted to suit the needs of individual boards.


CCBE provides its members with The Core Newsletter, a quarterly news publication, and an annual membership directory containing contact information for all county board members, CCBE Board of Directors, CSBA Board of Directors and CCSESA Board of Directors.

General Membership Meetings

Held twice per year, General Membership Meetings are open to all CCBE member county board members and superintendents. Member counties will vote on the following year’s executive committee and hear reports from various CCBE leaders and staff.

Professional development opportunities

•    County Board Governance Workshop
•    Governance training and resources

CCBE Annual Conference

The CCBE Annual Conference provides board members with the opportunity to network with other county board members and share best practices to improve programs to ensure high levels of student achievement.

Networking opportunities

In addition to networking at CCBE events, CCBE members can join these online communities to share ideas and collaborate and support other county board members:
•    LinkedIn group
•    CCBE group in the Engage CSBA online community