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CCBE is proud to have established the Apple for Excellence Award to recognize outstanding programs administered by county offices of education reflecting the depth and breadth of a county education program necessary to address students’ changing needs. This also allows CCBE to express appreciation to the dedicated educators in county offices across the state that strive to provide high-quality education with cutting-edge innovation.

This award is bestowed upon the top program(s) in the County Office of Education category of CSBA’s Golden Bell Awards. Apple for Excellence Awards are presented at the CSBA Golden Bell Awards luncheon event each year in December by the CCBE president. Award winners are selected by the CCBE Awards Committee. Each year, through the CSBA Golden Bell Awards program an announcement is sent to all county offices and districts encouraging them to nominate projects or programs from their county for consideration.

2017 Apple for Excellence Award winner

Mariposa Mentoring and Family Engagement Program
Napa County Office of Education, Napa County

Mariposa Mentoring and Family Engagement program empowers Latina youth in Napa County by providing a safe haven in which girls can speak out against violence and substance use, advocate for themselves and one another and become connected to their community. The program fosters positive development, builds protective factors and offers valuable leadership opportunities. Mariposa participants engage in small group mentoring, leadership opportunities and family programs at eight middle and high schools. Through weekly group instruction, girls develop strategies that build resiliency for the difficulties they may face in interpersonal and institutional relationships. Mariposa Youth Leaders are program graduates who receive 45 hours of additional training and serve as mentors and community leaders. The final component is the family program, which connects mothers and daughters through collaborative training in healthy relationships, mindfulness and college and career readiness.

County office leadership: Janna Waldinger, Board President; Dr. Barbara Nemko, Superintendent; Johana Navarro, Prevention Coordinator; Damaris Vieyra, Instructional Support Specialist; Vanessa Rubio, Prevention Program Assistant; Jeannie Puhger, Program Manager; Julie McClure, Director, Community Programs; Krystle Arnold, AmeriCorps VIP.

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