Conference Planning Committee


The California County Boards of Education (CCBE) annual conference is CCBE’s premier event. It is where major county issues are addressed and participants receive current information on key county education topics. The conference brings together all members of county office of education’s governance and management teams in order for them to take part in and benefit from high quality sessions and expert speakers.  

2018 Conference Planning Committee

The committee is composed of six to 10 members including county board members representing the diverse statewide membership of CCBE, the president-elect and vice president, and staff. The primary role of the committee is to assist in the planning of the conference program content within the pre-established framework set by the Executive Committee. Members serve a one-year term.  The committee generally meets face-to-face three times, has up to four to five conference calls and must allow time as needed to accomplish the task to review and rate proposals during the year.

Dana Dean, Solano COE (co-chair)

Sherman Garnett, San Bernardino COE (co-chair)
Fatima Alleyne, Contra Costa COE
Christine Deane, Contra Costa COE
Beverly Gerard, San Mateo COE
Amanda Harter, Tehama COE
Rachel Ulrich, Ventura COE

Committee Resources

•    Annual Conference

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